Exmoor Bouldering

exmoor bouldering, Glenthorne Beach

The Exmoor section of coast, some of which is borrowed from Somerset, has many fine boulder problems and venues to seek out. The coast here is adventurous as the Bristol Channel rises and drops at a pace that has to be seen to fully understand and appreciate, despite this, we are able to journey on to several beaches and have our time with the boulders. This region is seldom visited so expect solo sessions on some quality rock - poor rock also exists so be careful. One of the finds here is the Giant's Rib, called the Megaboard on UKC, this sector might of had chalk put on it back in 1995 by John Clark, a strong lad and early, non Northern 8a boulderer. It's also possible that one of the olde Bristolians touched the rock here, there is certainly a photo of one of these characters at Hurlestone, that looks older than most of the young faces that dominate the scene today. Like much of the bouldering on the coast, the rock breaks, boulders move, and some disappear altogether, so we take the FA list at some venues with a huge pinch of sea salt, yet obviously doff our caps to the early pioneers and genuine FA's - there are many and that list, like the number of boulder problems, continues to grow.

Glenthorne Beach, with its feisty walk out, is one of the places to be, a little bit of quality for everyone, as the beach has several little blocks, caves and a nice slab, just watch the tide! 

Above : Angel. 6a.
Below : Snappy. 6c. Giant's Rib.
(Located at Glenthorne Beach on the Somerset/Exmoor border.)

exmoor bouldering, Glenthorne Beach

Below : Pe'hi at Downend Point, Croyde.
Not Exmoor but in that grey zone between the Exmoor Coast in the North and the Culm Coast as we know it, around Hartland.

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Hidden from view there are few blocks worth exploring along the coast from the perfectly placed pub and harbour wall. Kyle Whitehand recently added Pieces of Eight here, you can see the image via the button below and scroll through his interesting feed.

Woody Bay

Woody Bay and Crock Pits are well known amongst the locals and many visitors too, it is easy to access and there are many quality boulder problems here. One of our roving journo's is currently putting together a great list of blocks including the Klem Loskot problem. There are several quality boulders here but in my experience it is often a little wet compared to say, Hartland. Local legend Grant Edwards has an interesting site, take a look at the button below.